5th year anniversary of Wisdom Jobs

Wisdom JobsOnline job portal Wisdom Jobs has completed its five years of success.  It started its journey in September 2010 and has achieved considerable success and growth in these five years.  Job search is simplified with Wisdom Jobs as it provides an easy access to the most suitable jobs.  With new features and tools added to assist the job seekers, Wisdom Jobs is considered one of the most efficient online job portals available.  It provides job seekers with sufficient information about the interview process, job profiles and different companies. The additional feature of Pragnya Meter in Wisdom Jobs differentiates it from the traditional online job portals available as it is not limited to the option of uploading your resume on their database.  It reduces the time and effort of the recruiters and job seekers as well.

Pragnya Meter online assessment tool helps the recruiters to test the skills and abilities of the candidates and rate them accordingly.  The Pragnya Meter score increases one’s chances of being selected, providing him an opportunity to catch the attention of the recruiter and showcase his skills and potential. It also provides a scope for learning and growth, making one aware of the areas which require improvement. The candidate also gets the opportunity to enhance his area of knowledge on Wisdom Jobs with a wide range of course material available on different topics. Wisdom Jobs provides over 4000+ courses for various skill sets to make one job ready.  Since 2010 there have been over 2,88,27,230 resumes uploaded, 4,86,110 job options available and around 1’06’33’698 Pragnya Meter online assessments taken till date.