Uflex’s new venture in the Aseptic Packaging sector

Uflex ltd. is all set to expand its area of operations covering a new strategic location in Sanand, Gujarat. An outley of Rs. 1500 crores will be required for the expansion over the next 4-5 years. Rs. 580 crore will be invested by Uflex in setting up an aseptic packaging line for liquid products in the first phase of this expansion. With the new plant in Sanand, Uflex Ltd. aims to provide the much needed easy and effective packaging solutions and alternatives to businesses dealing in various liquid products like milk, dairy products and various other non-aerated drinks.

The official spokesperson of Uflex ltd. said, “With the advancement in innovative packaging solutions the concept of Aseptic packaging is emerging as a leading trend in the flexible food packaging sector. The increase in the demand of convenience food has resulted in the increase and growth of Aseptic packaging methods. There has been considerable increase in the value of the Global Aseptic Packaging Market and it is expected to reach $81.32 billion by the year 2022.” He further added that, “The Aseptic packaging concept has huge potential across the globe as various factors like easy portability, light weight, cost saving, easy storage & handling, sustainability, preservation of nutrients and longer shelf life support the growth of aseptic packaging. We look forward to our expansion in the same direction. Our Sansad plant will increase the output and productivity as it will have a total capacity of around 7 billion packs. Along with that our plant will also create numerous job opportunities and cater to the domestic demands.

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