Galgotias university bag prizes at ‘Great Debate’ by the British High Commission


galgotia university

 Galgotias university

Galgotias University is proud of its students who outshine others in each and every area. Recently, Galgotias’ students from the School of Media and Communications studies participated in the ‘Great Debate’ organized by the British High Commission.  New Delhi 15 October 2015. Galgotians bagged awards in the competition.

BA JMC students Gauri, Saloni, Divya and Manjeet participated in All India Inter-university debating competition held at the Sri Venkateshwara College, Delhi University in New Delhi. The event began with an inaugural address by the Hannah Cockburn, Head, Political & Bilateral Affairs, British High Commission. Students were put through rigorous preliminary rounds of debates in different pools, with topics ranging from global energy security to compulsory voting rights.

GREAT Debate has a unique approach that provides an informal but highly rigorous debate experience for all involved. It should be stressed that the British High Commission did not issue judges with narrow criteria for arriving at a decision, but instead asked them to simply decide which side of the debate, for or against, made the most convincing argument.

Galgotias University has always been boasting of providing students who are able and genius. The university polishes its students to bring about the best of their aptitudes. And the recent news stands for the fact that these are not just hollow words. The university indeed is creating students who are marking excellence.

The participants of the debate Gauri and Saloni said that they were really thankful to their faculty who prepared them for the competition. The faculty is really experienced and they would not have won so easily if they were not helped by the guiding teachers.


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