IIMT Studies’s Human Resource booklet launch appreciated by Modi

IIMT Studies is soon to launch an International Booklet on Human Resources Professionals. The news of this initiative by the distance education institute has even reached PM Modi and he appreciated IIMT for its efforts.

PM Modi said, “International Institute of Management and Technical Studies is launching an International Booklet on Human Resources Professionals. It is heartening to know that it would be produced in more than 100 countries through network of the institute.

PM Modi appreciated that the book will be launched by IIMT for free. He said, “Appreciating the book is to be launched for free and for betterment of society. I convey my good wishes to all at International Institute of Management and Technical Studies for the endeavor in networking the Human Resources Professionals.”

PM Modi also emphasized on the role of human resource managers and how they play the role of strategic partners. He said, “Human resource managers in today’s world play the role of strategic partners. This role helps the development with accomplishment of goals of organization by means of wider business planning. The challenge of Human resource today is to think with attitude and acumen of business person. The present scenario demands that a Human resource professional ought to be A Employee, Advocate and A Change Champion.”

Prof. K.K. Gupta, Vice Chancellor of IIMT Studies, talked about the importance of distance education today which has now surpassed even the regular courses. He said, “Distance education has been interpreted in as very narrow sense that is to get a degree privately or through correspondence. But today, the implications of Distance education, so called, education through correspondence, has gone such a long way that it has surpassed even the merits of regular study, both qualitative as well as quantitatively.”


About IIMT Studies

International Institute of Management and Technical Studies (IIMT) is a non-government and not-for-profit organization imparting management skills to students. IIMT provides excellent opportunities to students who want to continue studying by providing to them distance mode education.  The institute has been working with the sole motive to give quality education to its students.

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  • somya aggarwal

    it is an honour to be part of IIMT. The faculties are doing their best to the students to make their future bright.

  • vimal sharma

    My best wishes for IIMT Studies. Good initiative.

  • dipika bansal

    I am very glad that IIMT is going to launch human resource booklet.

  • dev khurana

    I am a book lover and love to read books. Eagerly waiting for the book to be

  • utkarsharora

    I m glad IIMT Studies launching booklet on Human Resources Professionals .Our era really need such society upliftment step. My full support for IIMT Studies taking an initiative for betterment of society.

    • priyakohli

      IIMT Studies deserves a big applaud.

  • soniyamalhotra

    I m feeling honoured to be part of International institute of management and technical studies in Ahmedabad. The professional working environment and the immense support by the institute.Launching a Human Resource Booklet is a great step, a big applaud to IIMT Studies .

    • priyakohli

      I agree and my support for IIMT.

  • soniyamalhotra

    I recommend u to go for IIMT Studies, its really a great institute.