Dhoot Group explains the importance of ventilation in a building

Dhoot Group recently explained the importance of ventilation in buildings. Dhoot Group developers created awareness in the form of online forums to acquaint people about the need and importance of ventilation and its health benefits.
According to Pawan Kumar Dhoot, Dhoot Group Promoter “Proper ventilation should be ensured and incorporated at the initial stage of designing the structure of the building. It minimizes the need for temperature controlling devices like air conditioners and helps in conserving valuable resources and energy.”
The World Health Organization survey pointed out that almost 30% of the new modern day construction is affected by Sick-building syndrome. It is a common loophole of buildings which have poor quality of indoor air and there is no air circulation. The common factors like poor air conditioning, the construction of flats and offices in close proximity often result in loss of ventilation causing indoor pollutants and toxic elements. Other common factors like combustion due to cooking, chemical substances from printers and computing equipment, water in moisture form and odors in the home make the process of ventilation necessary.

Dhoot Group explains the importance of ventilation in a building

Dhoot Group explains the importance of ventilation in a building

Explaining the need and importance of ventilation, Pawan Kumar Dhoot, said, “Ventilation is one of the most essential aspects in the structure of a building. It is the crucial process of replacing stale air with fresh air. A building that does not ensure ample purging of fresh air has severe health hazards for the inhabitants. Just like breathing is the most vital process for our body, similarly buildings too need to breathe well. Without the removal of the stale air, a building traps the stagnant air composed of bacteria and carbon having severe ill effects on health. “
Dhoot Group further pointed out the measures to ensure natural ventilation which include creating appropriate openings like ventilating windows, doors and balconies. Other systems like Louvres having wooden adjustable angle slats and clerestories ; having high walls at the upper levels of a building with a row of windows above eye level, are the best ways to naturally ventilate a building.

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