Metro Rail Project: Transporting Hyderabad To The Future

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For cities worldwide, Metro is a popular choice of mass transportation, offering a feasible solution to the infrastructure challenges that occur during urban expansion. The Hyderabad Metro Rail Project is the World’s Biggest Public-Private Partnership Project (PPP) in the Metro Sector.

Nearly 70% of the work on network covering a total distance of over 72 Km is completed. In addition, two sections have received safety certification from the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS).

Apparently, The Metro Rail System has proved to be extremely efficient in terms of space occupancy, energy consumption, and numbers transported. Janaharsha Group highlights some of the benefits of Hyderabad Metro Rail System:

  • High-capacity carriers – it can carry high volumes during the peak hour direction trips
  • Eco-friendly – does not cause air pollution; much lesser sound pollution
  • Lesser ground space occupation – only 2 meters width for elevated rail
  • Low energy consumption – 20% per passenger km as compared to road-based systems
  • Time Saving – reduces overall journey time by 50% to 75%

It is probably more cost-effective, less time consuming and eco-friendly. Besides, it is the most efficient way of reducing the ceaseless traffic blocking in the developing city.

Mass transit system can enhance both the utility and efficiency of the public commuting modes. It can also boost the business for commercial developments and hence serve to perk up the country’s economy. Transit systems also have an indirect positive effect on other businesses.

Janaharsha Group lauds the advancement in the project, quality of work and safety standards of the Hyderabad Metro Rail system. All the three Metro Rail corridors, including the one transiting through the old city, are expected to be finished by December 2018, authorities declared.


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