ITQ Student of the Year contest: First runner up- Frankfinn


Travelport Galileo conducted Student of the Year contest where numerous students of travel hospitality academies were encouraged to excel in the field of travel and tourism. In this contest, travel quotient of travel academy students was analysed on the basis of numerous rounds that took place before the final round, inside and outside the academies. Plenty of travel academy enthusiasts marked their presence in the final round.
Travelport Galileo is a leading travel commerce platform which is acknowledged globally for providing solutions to the travel and tourism industry regarding distribution, payments and technology in the field. InterGlobe Technology Quotient, which is an ancillary unit of Travelport Galileo, organised the contest. The former organisation is the official distributor of the parent company to operate its core function across India and Sri Lanka.
Frankfinn student Ms Shreyasi Das bagged the title of first runner up in ITQ Student of the year where more than 80 students participated across India. Frankfinn students were glad to be a part of this huge event where they got a chance to learn about the industry from field experts. Shreyasi Das is a student of Frankfinn Institute of Airhostess Training Kolkata, who won the first runner up trophy for presenting her paper in the final round and representing her thoughts on the subject matter. The students of Frankfinn reviews the contest by calling it an experienc of lifetime.
President & CEO of InterGlobe Technology Quotient Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Anil Parashar congratulated the winners and appreciated the efforts of each participant by saying, “We wish to create a platform for these students wherein they can showcase their mettle. We would like to expand this for travel industry by creating a talent pool which can benefit all. The travel industry is growing and so is the enthusiasm of travelers at being more educated about their travel, therefore the need of the hour is to have well qualified professionals serving them.”

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