TCS was CBSE’s test delivery partner in the pre-medicals. Faulty software responsible for ‘paper leak’?



The Haryana police last week arrested four people – two dentists and an MBBS student – from Rohtak for passing on answer keys to students using vests with SIM card units and bluetooth-enabled earpieces during the All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT). Media reports so far have merely touched the surface, that a gang was involved in the case which supplied the ‘engineered vests’ to around 90 students who were looking to become fake doctors!

What has gone unreported is the role TCS might have played in this whole sordid affair. The All India Pre-Medical Test is conducted by the CBSE and TCS is their test delivery partner. Although the CBSE has insisted that there was no breach, and that the examination was conducted in a fair manner, there is concrete evidence to suggest otherwise. In fact, the daring took place despite the presence city coordinators, observers, centre superintendents, invigilators, and police personnel at each centre.Read More


Source – The Voice Of Nation


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