Galgotias University selected to participate in NASA Rover Challenge 2016

galgotia universityGalgotias University has been approved to compete in the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge which is to be held from April 7-9 2016 at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. It was previously known as The Great Moobuggy Race. This is the sixth time the university is participating in the challenge clearing the complex registration process in which only 4 teach from each country (except the USA) are selected.

“For a second year, we have Mars-themed, student activities, maintaining alignment with NASA’s deep-space exploration goals and the journey to Mars,” said Diedra Williams, an education specialist in Marshall’s Academic Affairs Office. “For 2016, simulated Martian terrains will be included in course obstacles, as well as an optional ‘Sample Retrieval and Return’ challenge.”


“With newer rules and regulations being added to the competitions our team gears up to stand up-to the challenge.

We’ve learned a lot about the competition from our previous experiences and we are planning to implement a new strategy to tackle all the challenges we have faced so far, we are very confident about this year and are excited about the new theme of the race” says team Vice Captain Bilal Hasan Khan. He further added that, “Our last year’s team under the guidance of team adviser Ms Vinnie Mathur (Dean Student Affairs) and technical guidance of Dr. B V Babu (Vice Chancellor) and Dr. P. K. S. Nain (Dean School of Chemical and Mechanical Engg.) ranked 31st/122 and had the best national time.We wish them all success in their endeavors for this year’s challenge.”

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