NIMS Chairman celebrates Daughters’ Week at NIMS International School

NIMS Chairman Dr Balbir Singh Tomar

NIMS International School recently celebrated the “Daughters’ Week” under a program named Hamari Beti, being run by the school. Daughters’ Week celebrations were attended by NIMS Chairman Prof. (Dr.) Balbir S. Tomar as well as the Managing Director Dr. Shobha Tomar. Students enthusiastically performed and were acknowledged for their efforts.

Prof. (Dr.) Balbir S. Tomar NIMS Chairman praised the efforts and creativity of students during the event. He also shared his bright opinion about importance of education and why it is a dire necessity today to educate women.

In his speech, Mr. Tomar said, “It’s important to promote women education. Empowerment has to be –Holistic, Universal, and Participative. The only thing they need is to spread their wings and the entire sky is waiting for them to be explored. In the present era, girls are as competitive as men. They are the most precious gift given to us and we have to respect them with pride and dignity.”

The event was brought to a closure by the little girls tying rakhi to Mr. Balbir Singh Tomar. The moment received heavy applaud and was captured in each one’s heart.The school was set up by its Chairman and Chancellor of NIMS Prof. (Dr.) Balbir S. Tomar as an inspiration and example of Modi’s initiative “Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao”. The school focuses on women education and empowerment and works in association with NIMS Hospital. All the girl infants that are born in NIMS hospital are given free admission and education till 8th standard in NIMS International School. The girls are also provided with free treatment in the hospital.

The school was set up in January, 2015. News India media channel has volunteered and is actively working to broadcast about this initiative throughout the country.

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4 Comments on NIMS Chairman celebrates Daughters’ Week at NIMS International School

  1. Bhawna Gupta // November 24, 2015 at 1:12 pm // Reply

    I always support this Kind Of Organisation who supports the Girl Power and very happy to know that NIMS international School Celebrated the Daughter’s Week”. NIMS doing a good job by educating the girl child.
    Thanks For this motivational and appreciative Thought.

  2. Girls are the important part of the society and NIMS is the one who gave a thought for Girls Education and Motivates the people to educate their Daughters. So Very Good initiative taken by the chairman of NIMS. And through this article I got to know that NIMS celebrated ”Daughters Week”. Definitely it Motivated the students to
    show their Talent all credits goes to NIMS efforts.

  3. Priyam jasoria // November 30, 2015 at 6:41 am // Reply

    The Initiative Taken by NIMS is Remarkable.The Efforts are appreciable. NIMS aims is to make girls independent socially. I have been associating with NIMS for few months and I really feel very happy and blessed that I am working for a good purpose.

  4. ”Hamari Beti” programme celebrated by the NIMS international school Is appreciable
    in all grounds . These kind of programme motivates the society to save the
    girl child and educate them. I think we all should say Thanks to NIMS as they
    started the initiative of ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ and support this Scheme. Should spread awareness about it through diffrent programmes. i think Each School Should
    organise and celebrate these days to motivate the girls and girls power..


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