Vikram Singh Puar acquitted of charges, brings delight to the town of Dewas

Dewas KingThe much awaited verdict on Vikram Singh Puar, scion of the erstwhile princely state of Dewas, is finally out. Puar has been released of all the charges

After the verdict, reactions are coming as expected, and the people of Dewas are delighted. Their happiness at the acquittal of their beloved leader has no boundaries, and it is hard to explain in words. For them, the occasion demands a similar celebration as that of Diwali, since the son of Maharaja Tukoji Rao Puar is back in all glory.

People of Dewas have always claimed that Vikram Singh Puar, as a person, is determined to work towards social upliftment. He has contributed a lot towards promoting sports, education, sanitation facilities, agricultural sector, and girl defense. The janta of Dewas firmly believes that such a person can never do anything wrong, and has supported Vikram Singh Puar throughout.

Puar was alleged with the charges following a controversy over land dispute and a man’s murder, along with 12 others in Raghogarh village of Dewas, in March 2015. However, he was released on 1 Feb 2018 after the court failed to prove the charges against him.

Vikram Singh Puar’s father, Late Maharaja Tukoji Rao Puar, was also a great visionary. He was always dedicated towards the welfare of Janta of Dewas. The small town of Dewas witnessed surreal progress during his tenure as Minister in the government of MP. He administered several development projects like the construction of the Shipra dam Project and the Dewas Bypass road.

The ropeway to Maa Chamunda Devi Temple and Maa Tulja Bhawani Temple was also beneficiated under Maharaja Srimant Tukoji Rao Puar, which has bolstered tourism in Tekri region. He was also elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly six times during his lifetime. He served in areas like higher education, technical education, youth welfare, tourism and sports under the ministry of Madhya Pradesh. His active participation towards the welfare of the people of Dewas earned him great love and respect from the masses.

Vikram Singh Puar shared his father’s interest of working for people, and to see him carrying the legacy further is no surprise. Well connected with the locals at the grass root level, he is a down to earth man, always willing to solve people’s grievances.

“Though we miss our late Maharaja (Tukoji Rao Puar), his son has followed in the same footsteps. He has worked day-in-and-day-out, to change our fortunes,” said Sheela, a homemaker from Dewas.

“The verdict by court may have taken three long years, but at last the justice is rightly served. Besides, we expect Vikram Singh Puar to continue his work for society with full enthusiasm, and commitment,” said Ramdeen, a millworker from Dewas.   The undue delay in the verdict had the people speculating that the judiciary was getting influenced by some external elements. However, with Vikram Singh Puar finally cleared of all charges, their faith in the judicial system has been restored.


3 Comments on Vikram Singh Puar acquitted of charges, brings delight to the town of Dewas

  1. Indra Bhagat // February 7, 2018 at 7:15 am // Reply

    Finally the verdict is out. Congratulations to Maharaj Saab.

  2. Pavani Chaudry // March 1, 2018 at 7:41 am // Reply

    Vikram Singh Puar ji is working very hard towards the development of dewas. We are so happy that the verdict is out.

  3. Ruana Vora // March 1, 2018 at 10:11 am // Reply

    Congratulations to Vikram Singh puar ji. Great respect for him.


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