Royal family targeted by ISIS supporter in London

London: An ISIS-supporting Londoner went on trial last Wednesday for promising to attack the royal family, specifically Prince Harry and Prince George. Husnain Rashid, a 32-year old ‘lone wolf’ who runs an online channel celebrating the mass-murdering cult, pushed other radicals and terrorists to kill members of the royal family. His nefarious plans include specific details, including a plot to poison the supermarket ice creams to get to Prince George.

prince harry and prince georgeThe Prosecutors revealed that one of the posts displayed a photo of Prince George, a silhouette of a jihadi with the school as the backdrop and the address of the school. The accompanying message said “Even the royal family will not be left alone.”

Rashid is a teacher at a mosque in Nelson, Northwest of England. Through online posts, he has been advising jihadis how to use chemicals, bombs, and weapons. Unlike a group effort, lone wolf attacks are often labelled as acts of mental unstableness, which can be used by the attackers to plead insanity.

Annabel Darlow, one of the prosecutors revealed his modus operandi. “He made numerous posts glorifying terrorist atrocities committed successfully against others and encouraging and inciting his readers to plan and commit more successful terror attacks of their own,” she explained.

Rashid denied the charges which include preparing of the terror plans against the royal family, encouraging terrorism and distribution of radical Islamist media and literature. He reportedly sent over 2,90,000 messages on encrypted chat groups before his arrest at his residence last November.

Husnain Rashid is denying three counts of terrorist act planning and one count of encouraging terrorism. He has pleaded not guilty to two counts of terrorist publication distribution. The undergoing trial was expected to end in six weeks.

Recently, England has seen a sudden spike in radical Islamic activity. There are no-go zones where Sharia is followed aggressively. While many say it’s an integration attempt, others believe it’s a conquest.



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